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Zues Bomber Dog Toy

Zues Bomber Dog Toy

  • Manufacturer: Hagen Pet Products

Throw it! Retrieve it! Tug it! Float it! With extra strong handles that most breeds will struggle to pop, the Bomber is ideal for tugging, kicking around like a soccer ball and throwing. What's more....It even floats! Made of natural rubber, Bomber features a reinforced polyester layer to help maintain the ball's shape and structure and a hallow air chamber ensures bounce and allows the ball to float!


  • Hallow air chamber allows the ball to float and be pressurized with air for extra bounce.
  • 100% natural rubber handles withstand substantial pulling force.
  • Reinforced polyester layer maintains shape and structure after each and every bounce.
  • 4 mm natural rubber outer shell supports strength and bounce.
  • 7" diameter
  • Orange

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