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Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy 

Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy 

SuperGravy(TM) enhances pet food in 4 ways, by dramatically increasing palatability for picky eaters or pets who may be losing their appetites due to aging or serious illnesses

Holistic Instant Gravy Mix and SuperFood™ Enhancer for Dogs & Cats. May be used with any pet food!

SuperGravy® is a 4 time national award winner, making it the most award-winning product ever made to enhance the taste, hydration, and digestibility of ANY pet food!

It’s a healthy and delicious solution to the problem of getting pets to eat and enjoy their food every day. SuperGravy® is proven to motivate pets to eat, and test after test shows that 99% of dogs prefer dry food enhanced with SuperGravy to plain dry food!

Features & Benefits:

  • Boosts appetites in pets that don’t eat well due to any number of factors
  • Dogs or cats that are very picky eaters and “spoiled” by constant additions of people food or canned food; SuperGravy® takes the place of these options and saves money, time, and trouble while bringing JOY to the Bowl for pets!
  • Pets losing their appetites due to aging
  • Pets battling serious health challenges including dogs and cats with cancer receiving chemotherapy or other treatments that can depress appetites when animals NEED healthy nutrition more than ever.
  • Pets forced to switch from their preferred foods to less tasty “prescription diets” as part of a veterinary treatment program
  • In all of these situations, SuperGravy® can be the solution to recharging tired appetites; in some cases, getting an older or ill pet to eat consistently can literally be a lifesaver.


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