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Sarah - Charlottesville, VA

I love Pet Food Discounters! I went to a chain pet store that's easier to get to for me (boo construction on 29!) and there were zero employees to be found and the prices were insane. I then went to Pet Food Discounters where two (not one, but two!!) employees greeted me and my dog Peanut when we came in. They helped me find what I needed, offered advice and tips, and carried the item to my car for me. And the price was about half of what it would have been at the chain store. I feel stupid for even trying a chain store when something so fantastic as this exists. They also let Peanut sniff many treats until she picked one she liked.

Nicole - Charlottesville, VA

I miss this place so much . Just moved out of the area and didn't realize how great I had it at PFD. Inexpensive high quality food and treats along with awesome employees. If only they had a location in Asheville..... sigh...

Jacob - Charlottesville, VA

Went in today looking to buy new dog food. I was greeted by an employee who was quick to help. I explained what I was looking for and was given several options. The employee gave me several samples to take home to see how my dogs like the food.

I was very impressed on how I was taken of when I came in. The employees are very knowledgeable about the food they sell. I can't wait to start buying dog food there.

Laura - Charlottesville, VA

I love this local store. I always like to support local, independent businesses, and this place exemplifies all of the reasons. They treat customers well, carry heavy items to the car (and even not heavy items, for that matter), they're kind and pleasant to do business with. Without exception, each visit I've made to this store for the past - oh, I don't know, 15 years? - has been great. Great inventory, great service, great people.

Abigail - Charlottesville, VA

LOVE this store. All the employees are polite and knowledgeable. They have a great selection of toys, beds, treats, and foods. Everything is reasonably priced (comparable to Amazon prices!) and twice, they have offered to order a particular product I had in mind that they didn't happen to have in stock. I bring my dog every time and he loves the staff. They interact with him in such a sweet, respectful way. It means a lot. I make it a point to only come here and to come back every month when I'm ready to restock on my treats and toy supply.

Whitney - Charlottesville, VA

I have been going to Pet Food Discounters for the year (ever since I found it!) and I am always more than satisfied. The staff is hands down the best in Charlottesville! They are very knowledgable, friendly, and professional. Everytime I go in the store I know I will be treated kindly and get the best food available for my hooch.

Jeanine - Charlottesville, VA

Great local business. Staff are pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. The store carries a wide variety of good foods, treats and toys. One gentleman even recommended a food for a senior dog that has done wonders for him. I was going to purchase the Blue Buffalo, but for the price (and since I was only babysitting the dog) the Professional brand was much better than the Pedigree he'd been fed most of his 12 years ...Thanks guys!! I'm a loyal customer.

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